Sweet Angel Of Mine
Lyrics Kassie DePaiva

As you lay sleeping on my chest
A million thoughts run through my head
Someday you'll think that you're too big to hold
You'll spill milk on my favorite dress
Fall down and scare me to death
And you'll refuse to do anything you're told

And I'll be so mad that I'm almost in tears
And you'll smile that smile and they'll all disappear
Yes sometimes you'll hide your perfect wings
But through these eyes all I'll ever see
Is that sweet angel of mine

I won't be ready for first grade
Or when you go on your first date
And you'll think that I just don't understand
And I know that there'll come a day
When you start to push me away
And I'll feel like I'm losing my best friend

So when you want to be out on your own
Forgive me if I find it hard to let go
Yeah someday you'll spread your perfect wings
But no matter where you fly you'll always be
That sweet angel of mine

And I know I'll cry on your wedding day
As I watch your father give you away
And I'll bow my head, pray you find all your dreams
And thank god for every day he's given me
That sweet angel of mine

Song facts

"'Sweet Angel of Mine' is truly a special song. It's a Mama lovin' song that speaks to the mother and daughter in us all. I really think it is powerful as well as beautiful. I first heard it in my car on a disk of possible songs to cut...and I had to pull over cause it moved me so much. When I performed it at super soap...I was moved again by the audience reaction to the song. Both nights the fans were brought to tears. The message is strong and loving and says what we all feel. The email and mail I have received has been just wonderful and heartfelt. Please let me know what you think. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed singing it. Call your local radio stations and ask them to play it. If they can't get it...tell them to buy it cause you want to hear it."

Love to all you "Sweet Angels" of mine, Kassie


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