Remember Me
Lyrics Joey + Rory

When you're opening those presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
Remember me

And when you're setting out those cookies
For Santa Claus to eat
Remember me

I was born in a manger
On a cold December night
With shepherds and three wise men
Underneath the stars so bright
The son of a lonely carpenter
From down in Galilee
Remember me

When you're hangin' up those Christmas lights
For the neighborhood to see
Remember me

When you're gathered 'round the table
With all your family
Remember me

Cause I walked from town to town without
A place to lay my head
I even fed 5,000 with just a loaf of bread
And I helped the lame to walk again
I made the blind men see
Remember me
Remember me

I was only in my thirties
When they led me up that hill
With tears in my eyes I cried
But did my Father's will
And there upon a cross of wood
I died to set you free
Remember me
Remember me

When you're opening those presents
Underneath your Christmas tree
Remember me