Firm In The Faith
Lyrics Jenny Phillips

In a world built on fleeting ground
Where I see those around me falling down
I am holding to who I am
I am choosing my Father's plan
And everyday I live
I want to stand with Him

Firm in the faith
Anchored in truth
Solid in all that I do
No turning away
No shadow of doubt
No storm has the power
To drag me down
I'm a witness in these latter days
And I'm standing firm in the faith

I am set on returning home
I want to remain in my Father's fold
So I will follow wherever He leads
Trusting His way in all things
He has called me to His side
And I will live my life


Like Joseph, like Hyrum
Like Daniel in the lion's den
Like Mormon, like Ammon
Like Helaman's young valiant men
Like Esther, like Nephi
Like all the saints who followed Christ