Lyrics Jebediah

This will take some explaining
But I think you will agree
There is no use pretending
That there's hope for you and me

And I love her, but do you think she can see
When I tell her, it's the end for you and me
It was over, ever since you went and shot me
Like a harpoon
Like a harpoon
Like a harpoon in my heart...

Like a harpoon
Like a harpoon in my heart

I can handle the fighting,
It's the affection I can't stand
And I don't mind us talking,
Just don't try and touch my hand


When you left I didn't want you back
But now you're gone so won't you come right back
Come right back [x5]


Why does it hurt?
Simple matters don't seem worth
We're the same but it's not happening again


Song facts

"Harpoon" is the fourth single released from Jebediah's debut album Slightly Odway. It was released June 22, 1998, and reached number 46 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart. Harpoon polled twice in the 1998 Triple J Hottest 100: Jebediah's original at #7 and Something for Kate's cover at #85. It was the first of only two songs to have polled twice in the same Hottest 100.


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