Hold On
Lyrics Jake Miller

Featuring: Hi-Rez

[Verse 1: Jake Miller]
Yeah now I'm rocking with the best
Pass me the mic and turn me up
Bound to blow any moment now
I'm bound to self destruct
Man I'm just a normal dude
With far from normal dreams,
Doing donuts in the whip,
I ain't talking Krispy Kreme
So sit back and watch me kill it,
A dynasty rebuilding
We taking over the world
Yeah I know you feel it
Man this life I live is crazy
And maybe a little chaotic
But I'm living out my dream,
Even though my dream's psychotic
Cause, ain't nobody ever really gonna do it like me
Come and take a walk in my shoes, you'll see
I never show no mercy
I torture the mic and murder the beat,
I shut it down in your city
Windows down when you bump this,
I'm circling round the map,
Like Christopher Columbus
Man, I'm crossing it off my bucket list,
Soon I'ma need another one
And when I'm done
I might just do them all again, just for fun
We pour it up, pour it up
Then me and my team we down 'em
We bout to change the world,
If you're looking for the best I found them
Baby let's go

[Verse 2: Hi-Rez]
Risking everything for everything
Gotta go through hell to make your way to heaven
I'm married to the game but I never had a wedding
I'm more of a menace
But that doesn't mean I'm independent
Messing with the great whites, working late nights,
And with a little recognition I take time,
I make rhymes, never waste time
I found my dreams and I chase mine
I've been up, I've been down
Beat the competition like Chris Brown
Don't close your eyes you'll miss out on me
Making it, my momma been proud
I never lie, but I'm just the truth
Killing tracks when I'm in the booth
They say rap is dead, rap is dead
But I disagree cause I'm breathing proof
Better hide ya girl when I'm in the room,
Cause I'll make her mine and I'll be the groom
I'ma need a broom to clean up the game
Cause everybody nowadays come about the fame
I'm all what, I'm the real deal
My music help me to pay bills
So hungry I could eat eight meals
I'll never know how being fake feels
I seen death but I'm still blessed,
No bath salts but I eat fresh
I'm so fresh, I get no rest,
I'm grinding to make progress
Your rap is whack, where the passion at?
You're blowin' up, man there's not a chance
Y'all got a better of chance with a beat and check
Been around the world
I've been there and back

[Verse 3: Jake Miller]
I'm a lyrical mastermind, one of a kind, you'll never find
Anybody with a - wait hold up, cut the track and rewind
Baby, everyday is a party, sometimes I think I'm tripping
Just tryna keep my head from getting big like Stewie Griffin
Man, I'm married to the game, holy matrimony
You say that you going ham, best believe I go baloney
Cause if you ain't heard of me, then I think we need to talk
Man, I bet you live with Patrick cause you living under a rock
Cause, ain't nobody ever really gonna do it like me
Come and take a walk in my shoes, you'll see
I never show no mercy
I torture the mic and murder the beat,
I walk around my city,
Felling like a mayor,
I'm worldwide baby,
Just like the equator
Man, I'm living like I'm dying, but I haven't even hit 20
I'm living like a millionaire but I barely made a penny
I'll take a break when I die, no stopping by any means
Cause what's the point of sleeping, when you're living your dreams.