Keepers Of The Faith
Lyrics Jacob Bellens

Written by: Jacob Bellens

Produced by: Kasper Bjørke

The lights above the city shine upon the velvet moon
To celebrate the living and the dead
The streets are filled with caterpillars hanging from balloons
And everyone I know has gone to bed

Some are dreaming of a new beginning
Some are dreaming of the days to come
The night is bright and I can see from here to Katmandu
The planet is alive and very young

I sit inside a satellite and sing a song for you
A song of love to purify my heart
For every man and woman who is doing what I do
I fold my hands and wish upon a star

Some of you are trying to remember
Some of you are hoping to forget
Most of you are wild at heart and seekers of the truth
And known for easily losing your heads

Some of you are punctual and tender
Some of you will always be too late
Some of you have never done the things you've wanted to
The rest of you are keepers of the faith


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