World Is Empty
Lyrics J. Cole

Yea, like I said man,
Ya'll n*ggas need to be out there and smoking something man
You know what I'm saying?

It's Cole, won't lie,
Won't stop to the race is won
N*ggas who be rapping how real they are,
Usually turn out to be the fakest ones
Carolina where I made it from,
Cold world no blanket son
Girls fast how Jamaican run,
Puffin on the city where the Lakers from,
L-A, L-A, la la, so high everything is a ha ha from me
Dreamin of the days of a Drop 500
And a bad b*tch that will go to Popeye's for me
You can never tell me that I'm not hungry,
If you ever felt what's inside my tummy
My mom wanting out, is my time running out?
Is the Lord up top with a stop watch for me?
Hope not... hope not... hope not hope not

My world is empty without you babe (Yeah)
My world is empty without you (I'm just tryna make it, my n*gga)

Yea yea
A wise n*gga told me don't chase that cash
Follow your heart you'll make that fast
Does a stripper love to shake that ass
Or does she wise to erase that past?
Got a n*gga in her face just gassed
Like, baby girl why you take this path?
Stack in his hand trynna make that last,
All she thinking bout is how to take his last
Rub titties in his face and laugh,
Hotta try not to look fake in fact
A little more money like a few more 20s
And you let that n*gga grab your naked ass?
Okay hes gone now, roll her eyes when he whispers in her ear,
This ain't the life for you baby let me take you out of here cause

My world is empty without you babe (She like, n*gga yeah right)
My world is empty without you (Do you know how much mutha f*cking money I'm making?)

Yea my n*gga sit back blow in the air
Only getting high cause we close to the hell
N*ggas trynna like like Hova but well,
We broke and that doe coming slow as a snail
Hustle hard til there no inhale
Hit the block like a postman with mail
My brother got knocked now the hold him in cells
My mom broke but she posted the bail
Someway, some how n*ggas feelin like the sun down even when the sun up!
Hear the sound out the window of the gun bust
And you wonder why n*ggas keep the gun tucked
But, this how n*ggas was brung up
A mother just trynna raise her sun up
Til a stray bullet got his lungs struck
And the Governor could'nt give one f*ck while she sangin

My world is empty without you babe (Damn, told ya'll n*ggas Cold world, no blanket)
My world is empty without you (Tough luck, yea)


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