The One
Lyrics J. Cole

La la la la laaah,
They ain't got nothing on me
Hey hey
La la la la la la la
They ain't got nothing on me

[Verse 1]
The lil engine that could
This lil n*gga is good
Rappers claiming they sick I heal n*ggas for good
Cause homie I've been ill
Since Hilfiger was hood (haha remember that? Hilfiger cargoe's)
Won't admit it but if you was a real n*gga you would
And now I got your chick n*gga
She'll get out the hood
And no I would peck her but she peck on my wood
And she do it so good
I gotta thank her
I got her ass clapping that's how I congratulate her
She like to roll the dro up in the bed go higher
Pepsi cola Michael Jackson and her head so fire
I love this lil red bone Maya
She be getting louder than a set of Dr Dre head phones try her
If you ever need her
She got a man that don't never see her
And when his phone ring he looking like "this better be her"
This unrelated but I wish I could have met Aaliyah
And when I get to heaven, homie I better see her
But what you think it's really like behind the purley gates
No murder rates all the bad sh*t we heard of race
And can we still do the fun sh*t we did love and if so
Then do you think some angels work in strip clubs
Well if so I be trying to get my d*ck rubbed
Make it rain filling up their tip cups
Throwing ones…

Yeah n*gga I'm the one
(hey hey)
Say I'm the one
Yeah boy I'm the one
Hey yeah
Now I'm the one thus meaning no one must try
No two no three no four, know why?
Cause I'm the one
Yeah n*gga I'm the one

[Verse 2]
Now every n*gga keep talking keep walking
This the Ville where the real killers don't speak often
But leave you leaking on the concrete police talking
My flow Lehman Marcus
You're so flea market so don't be starting cause Cole retarded
I be sh*ting on my n*ggas and my dough be farting
They won't even say excuse me
Usually the groupies don't amuse me
Just wanna say I rate the tape my paper my loose leaf
But can I take a lil dip in your jacuzzi
Now I ain't biggie but I got you feeling juicy
Ohh she feeling like she never before
I bet she never forget me like an elephant won't
And yeah my name J. Cole I got a hell of a flow
I guarantee I'm gon sell em if you ever been poor
Or if you're trying to be rich
And this economy shhh if anything making money man
It's probably this
Boy I'm the one…



[Third verse from "Who Dat"]
The lil engine that could
This lil n*gga is good
Rappers claiming they sick I heal n*ggas for good
A couple of y'all ain't took a field trip to the hood
Ay me I'm fresh prince I'm will smith to the hood baby!
Ain't sayin names but we not the same
All that money and the fame don't change the fact that u lame
Might wanna grab you a chain wanna tip up your hat
Might wanna purchase some game homie your sh*t is so wack!
I got my finger on the trigger tell that n*gga hold dat
Boy I'm picture perfect baby you can check the Kodak
Hey so anything you can do I can do better
And any chick you can screw I can get wetter
I'm young black get to live my life on the run!
Bet ya bottom dollar before I'm done
They say that I'm the one
Yeah n*gga I'm the one ha!!



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