Knock Knock
Lyrics J. Cole

Yea, we fresh off-mutherf*ckin South Beach
Yea, huh,
Sometimes play the villain, sometimes play the hero
Sometimes I be Dilla, sometimes I be Primo,
Sometimes I be feeling, I got a big ego
Other times a n*gga swim a round like Nemo
Uh, small fish in a big ass pond pushed around like a mower on a big ass lawn
I get my weight up, inflate up and make these old n*ggas open the gate up at the mansions that they laid up in
Like, "Hello my name is Cole" -I'm walking right up in and well no,
Don't give a f*ck it you gon' hate it man, hey fellow
Either you follow me or swallow me b*tch
And I done hit to many hoes to ever pause that sh*t
Now since I just seen my face up in the XXL
A few chicks want to text lets chill-how obvious
Girls from all over the world is my hobby and I got a chic who stay in DC like a lobbyist
My old chick from Rawley that I still like to parley with
Just to hear that accent, now come and get that back bent
The moans turn to screams I can feel her climaxing
Now if you faking that baby you need to try acting
Hollywood sh*t, had a n*gga feeling like the milkman deliver that do the body good dick
Feeling like I got game that Karate couldn't kick,
Therefore I'm bagging things that you probably wouldn't get, what up!
I'ma talk until you tell me shut up
Huh, and we can walk the beach until the sun up
Huh, I ain't gon lie I'm tryna get some cut up!
Ay, so what up! Hey
You heard that huh?
Oh you ain't heard of me well I prefer that!
Uh, I text my number to you did you get that?
Huh, well when you lonely baby you can hit back
And I'll fix that
Tell me is you with that, hey, ay tell me is you with that
Ay tell em is you with that
Yea, ay baby is you with that? Yea


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