Dead Presidents I
Lyrics J. Cole

Let me try this,
Uh, Yeah
Money coming soon,
I'm out for Presidents to represent me,
What up n*gga?
Yea n*ggaaaa, yea, uh,

Gimmie my money, man, why else would a n*gga be grinding? (right)
I'm for them diamonds, dog, how else could a n*gga be shining?(true)
I'm glowing, knowing that the flow intact,
Get this record deal, I swear to God, my first 'mil I'm blowing that! (Haha)
Now, like f*ck it I know I'll grow it back, sh*t, it's nothing,
Funny how blacks spend their money on mad sh*t for stuntin,'(yea)
But sh*t, that's all we know man, thats how a n*ggas raised (true),
You learn bout two things: getting pussy, getting paid. (uh)
And you should be gettin' laid by the time you in ninth grade,
So n*ggas lying on they d*ck and hoes giving nice brain, yea.
In class dreamin' bout having these nice things, (uh)
And then you look around and wonder why you strugglin'
But them whites ain't. (hmmm)
I brush it off like, "f*ck it, it's motivation,"(yea)
Some n*ggas gotta walk through life, some n*ggas roller skating, (uh)
Some n*ggas bypassing steps, some n*ggas chose to take 'em. (yea)
And for that fortune, man, some n*ggas sold their soul to Satan,
But f*ck it man, I ain't hatin,' I gotta go for mines.
My little God-sister pregnant now, I put in overtime,
On my grind, yea, just like the n*gga making Fortunes,
I'm focused, on my bite, like a cobra, I'm tryna get my Oprah on.
These hoes is crying cuz I won't pay 'em attention, (nah)
Time is money, b*tch, and a n*gga payin tuition, (ahaha)
Real n*ggas hustle by using their intuition, (yup)
While these fake n*ggas ain't into doing, they into wishin,'

I'm out for Presidents to represent me,
I'm talking Benjamins, n*gga,
Grants n*gga,
From Washingtons, man,
Tired of those,

'Til I'm rich, ain't no reason to settle n*gga,
Its greed that make a n*gga wink at the devil to get that cheese,
You n*ggas couldn't think at my level, even with trees,
You couldn't get this deep with a shovel, now n*gga, please,
I'm chasing G's tryna throw some diamonds on them freeze,
Sick sh*t, sneeze on some thousand-dollar sleeves.
Ease to the top and I'm not finna leave 'til I'm hot,
But my watch gotta breeze, a south n*gga,
Boy, I'm shining without the diamonds in my mouth,
Out grindin' while you reclining on your couch,
I'm climbing, you haters blinded by the doubt,
My n*ggas riding is devout, so talking violence out yo' mouth,
And you gonna find what I'm about, n*gga!
Far from a slouch, n*gga, I ain't gonna parlé with y'all,
I'll probably hit ya, my hand game like Bobby Fisher,
but check, them checks is all a n*gga thinking,
For them Presidents, I'll treat a n*gga like Lincoln, blaaah!

Definitely out for Presidents to represent me, n*gga!

Money coming soon,
Mike Shaw, what's good?
Nervous wreck, what it is!
Ay, Bal Wal, what's good?
Filthy Rich, what's good?
Jerm you out, baby?,
I ain't made it home, coming soon my n*gga,
Got get up out, I'll buy you a drink, you know?
You know your boy drinking now, is he?
You been in since I was like what? 16, n*gga, 15?
21, I'm a grown ass man, sh*t done change homie,
Money is coming soon, trust me man,
Trust me, n*gga, I'm all grown up!


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