Until You Surrender
Lyrics Hugo Race Fatalists

Written by: Hugo Race

Produced by: Hugo Race

Hey there miss, my name is Romeo
I trail sweet confusion everywhere I go
I do not care for protocol
I wear no disguise
'Cause there's always another unknown star
Burning somewhere in the sky
I'll pluck it down
To light my cigarette
Then put it out
In a blaze of sparks and regret
For I'm the kind of man
Who can not settle down
The emptiness consumes me
As I roam from town to town
Just to surrender
Just to surrender

The part I like to play
Is always the hero's role
And I cast you in my drama
To speak the words I wrote
I don't care where you came from
Or who you claim to be
It's better you tell me nothing
And just keep your mystery
Hello ma'am, my name is Romeo
I remember your face
From someone I used to know
And I'll tell you what you want to hear
And I'll tell you out of spite
All through the night

I'm the kind of man
Who will not settle down
Strange as it may seem
To play with your dreams
Until you surrender
Until you surrender


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