One Day Forever
Lyrics Hugo Race Fatalists

Written by: Hugo Race, Alannah Hill

Produced by: Hugo Race

You must be still young my flower girl
You must be
Always my forever young
Throughout all our histories

And have you grown my darling?
Flowers at your feet
Waking from your slumber
Into memory

How does it go my darling
All alone
Cold girl wonder
Hold tight onto your soul

Only you can set us free

I saw how high you soared
I couldn't imagine the fall
You vanished from my sight
Into this terror world of sleep tonight

They took my one true angel
To light their living hell
I miss your voice, your light, your touch
There is no one else I could ever love

Only you can set us free

One day you'll come back to me
Back to the one
And you'll still be my flower girl
One day forever young


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