Hop Madness
Lyrics Hopsin

Journey into my world, yeah
But don't ride my d*ck, ooh
Welcome to Hop Madness
Don't ride my dick
Welcome to Hop Madness
Don't ride my dick

[Verse 1]
I'm the undeniably hot n*gga who's making hip hop illa
Your spot filla, I smash rappers out and got sicka
Hopzilla, I'm like a mischievous prop getter
I'ma probably get popped by Biggie and Pacs killers
Look as my pocks fill up, now I'm a twat drilla
I remember the day when b*tches would not
Pick up the phone when I would call them not hoes
Now not a problem I rose up from the bottom
"Hey bro, you're f*cking awesome!"
But I ain't here to brag about a new Porsche with two doors
You had a killin', now I'm 'bout to bring a few more
It's time you feel my true force, from Cali straight to New York
And y'all gon' kiss my ass like you tried to make me do yours
B*tch, you wanna act a beef? Think before attacking me
Know that I'm quick to get out of line like I have to pee
It's obvious that I got your heart thumping
I may look like a f*cking idiot but I promise I'm far from it

A year ago I wasn't all that
Now all off a sudden all these b*tches on my ballsack
Am I your best friend? Heck no
You can be a fan of all of my songs, n*gga, just don't
Ride my d*ck, no, don't ride my dick
Yes, don't ride my d*ck, no, don't ride my dick

[Verse 2]
Check me out
I talk sh*t and whip beats I'm a true MC
Only one who tells me what to do is me
Take a close look at FV and what it grew to be
Hoppa, Dizzy, me and three Z has made the group complete
My sh*t is past basic, in my eyes I feel I have made it
Came a long way from my mom and dad's basement
When I do shows now the women strip me half naked
My motherf*cking bad language got my ass famous
Now labels thinking about signing me (yes)
MTV has got they eye on me (yes)
Skubbedy dubbedy wow, this is irony
Still ain't giving a f*ck
So if I hurt your feelings tell it to your diary
N*gga, I'm so beast, rhyming over cold beats
Finally shining without the diamonds and gold teeth
The higher in power trying to bring fire in on me
So I keep my guards up, when I'm tired I don't sleep


[Verse 3]
I noticed a whole lot of n*ggas who wonder why I keep dissin'
I ain't trippin', just listen, I'm on a discrete mission
Rappers speaking on drugs, money and deceive women
For a check, while they balls grillin'
Sittin' in their seat spinnin'
That's like the foulest crime
Somewhere down the line I was bound to rise
To make a difference, and now it's time
I know you rappers is about a dime
But it's up to me to live the corrupted minds I'm surrounded by
I ain't the n*gga you go outshine
Truth is, you're only going in when I'm coming outside
F*ck your role, turn it down, mine
When you greet me get on your knees and open your mouth wide
For the record I ain't the type to share
If you a rapper taking my image, a war is what I might declare
Just cause I'm buzzing off the white contacts
Don't mean you should take your ass to hot topic to buy a pair