Evoken Vulgarity
Lyrics Hooded Menace

Castle of the devil
In human agony you revel
Murdered victims are hung and impaled
Upon a spike your corpse is nailed

Chamber is filled with gruesome devices
To satisfy the Baron's sadistic vices
A mangled corpse for all to see
Torture chamber atrocity

Cursed by a witch...
The Baron will suffer a horrible death
Burned alive in his chamber of horrors...

Evoken vulgarity
Evoken vulgarity

Resurrected from the dead
By a cursed incantation
The evil Baron lives again
For torture and mutilation

Recite the words by the witching hour
Awaken the Baron with immortal power
From the grave a decomposed body crawls
Eerie specter peers from castle walls

Ruthless killer stalking
Rotten wounds seep putrid blood
The Baron is on a killing spree
Torture chamber atrocity

Evoken vulgarity
Evoken vulgarity