Just Like St. Teresa
Lyrics Harper Simon

A crazy angel pierced the heart of St. Teresa
And I wish he'd do the same for me
A golden arrow flying like a sparrow
Into pain and ecstasy

In a stone grey sky, I am all demand and no supply
I will have a wander 'round the village green
You're a flower wet with rain
Pressing up against a windowpane
And I'm the one who's stranded in a dream

I should try and quiet down my worried mind
Take it as it comes, try a little harder to be kind
Good friends are hard to find

Crazy angel, I can never understand you at all
But I'm taking what's on offer
Life is the tapestry of your imagination
But I am looking for something softer

In a stone grey sky, I am all demand and no supply
Waiting at the window, waiting by the door
Delsie, you're a lighthouse guiding boats at sea
Back into the safety of the shore

Lord, let me die or let me suffer
Just like St. Teresa
Fill my heart with love
Fill my heart with love


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