Vous Êtes Mon Cœur (You Are My Heart)
Lyrics Gungor

Where have you hidden yourself oh my beloved
You fled having wounded
I pursued but you had gone

In search of you my darling I would scale the highest clouds
Scour wooded valleys, roaring torrents whispering gales

Vous êtes mon cœur
Vous êtes mon cœur
Vous êtes mon cœur

When you first regarded me
Your eyes filled me with grace
Thereby again my eyes
Merited to adore you

Vous êtes mon cœur
Vous êtes mon cœur
Vous êtes mon cœur
Vous êtes mon cœur

Vous êtes mon cœur (You are my heart)
Vous êtes mon cœur
Vous êtes mon cœur
Vous êtes mon cœur

Song facts

"In this song, we wanted to go even deeper into the lovers metaphor, borrowing inspiration from things like the poetry of St. John of the Cross and Song of Solomon. The heartbreak and anger of the last song has turned more sentimental here. The softness of their lost love is remembered, and we hear the poetic words of the lover searching for his bride saying that he would "scale the highest clouds, scour wooded valleys, roaring torrents, whispering gales."

Our decision to sing the chorus in French was based on our desire to fully dive into that romance of this song. After all, is there any language as romantic as French? It also made it feel old and cinematic to me, which is a vibe that we were going for on a lot of the album. In English, the chorus would be translated, "you are my heart." We decided to use the more formal "etes" rather than "es" because we liked how it sounded in the song better; and "etes" is a bit older and formally poetic.

When the female voice enters, I love how high and fragile it is. This girl that is bashful in approaching her lover after all she has done… She still loves him though. She remembers his grace to her that merits her adoration. His love is so strong and pure and selfless that she can overcome her fear and shame and run back to him. It's a bit over the top romantically, but I like it. Once again, like a love story from an old French film or something.

Musically, we were going for simple and beautiful. The classic sound of the tremolo of the mandolin with the strings and flutes in the modulation takes me to a moonlit gondola, the lovers together again at last." - Gungor


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