Church Bells
Lyrics Gungor

Let church bells ring
Let children sing
Even if they don't know why let them sing
Why drown their joy
Stifle their voice
Just because you've lost yours

May our jaded hearts be healed

Let old men dance
Lift up their hands
Even if they are naive, let them dance
You've seen it all
You watch them fall
Wash off your face and dance

May our weary hearts be filled with hope

Song facts

"We live in a culture full of cynicism. We've seen the leaders that we trusted fall; we've seen the wizard behind the voice, and we were disappointed. I have noticed with a lot of my friends that grew up in the Christian church that those who are reflective often have a particularly difficult time with not becoming jaded and cynical in the light of all of the visible hypocrisy and shortcomings. In fact, I know some people who have become so jaded that they freely spill it on others wherever they go. It wasn't enough for them to have lost their own song, it's like they are trying to rob others of theirs as well.

This is a song to the jaded – and not just the jaded in others but also the jaded in me. A song inviting the listener to relax… let it go… and don't spill your cynicism onto others. Instead of allowing all of your unanswered questions to fully consume your joy, just enjoy the dance. To me, that's largely what faith has become. Yes, I have my doubts and questions and everything else, but at the end of the day, it's not what questions I have in my mind but whether I'm going to join the dance or sit on the outside and sneer. I'd rather dance." - Gungor


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