Everything Falls Away
Lyrics Gretchen Peters

Written by: Gretchen Peters

Produced by: Doug Lancio, Gretchen Peters, Barry Walsh

Wasn't a cloud in the sky when the news arrived
Just another bluebird day
Just a voice on the phone saying I'm sorry
Everything falls away

So I went down to the sea to look for you
Found the moon and the Milky Way
Watched the tide take back what it gave to me
Everything falls away
Everything falls away

I live in the fear that my heart will break
I look for the thing that'll cure the ache
Just one thing that the world can't take away
I want to dive beneath the undertow
Down to the bones of the earth below
I want to know, I want to know
Where did you go? Where did you go?

I saw you so clear in a dream last night
Diving from the cliffs at Echo bay
The arc and the pause and the slow descent
Everything falls away

Song facts

"Born alone at the piano with a sort of chord modulation in the chorus that feels slightly unsettling; I could never have written this on the guitar; something about the piano and all the unknown (to me) territory in its keys. Something about the "cliffs at Echo Bay", definitely a song placed in California, certainly a lament for the mystery of death. Where did you go? Death and the sea swallow us whole." - Gretchen Peters


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