Lyrics Glass Animals

Written by: David Bayley

Produced by: David Bayley

Here's to the one with the smoking stare
Running through my head with a bolo knife
Chopping up the threads made up from looms
Of love and blood and hate and some empty tunes

Eyes killer cold and black and bare
Freaky little tooth hanging solo
Sucking at the walls like a rolo now
Making a cocoon where my brain fits

I wanna go back, I wanna go back
I wanna go back with a club and attack
I wanna take to my guns and break you
I gotta make my little foe take his own

I'm overgrown with a yellow mould
Just fizzing drones in a hollow dome
My funny nose dripping little groans
I'm so so cold in the marrow of my bones

I look at you as you take a snooze
Your skinny lips dripping rabid goo
I lift your chin and I grin at you
As you come to, man
I'm running round your head with a bolo knife

I'm gonna go back, I'm gonna go back
I'm gonna go back to a face no more mask
I was in full bloom until I met you
I'm gonna shake my fetters, I'm breaking loose


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