Lyrics Girls

Alex has blue eyes,
Well who cares? No I don't
If somebody somewhere cries,
Well who cares? No you don't.

And Alex has a band,
So who cares about war?
If somebody somewhere dies,
Well who cares? No you don't.

Alex has black hair,
And who cares? Well I do.
You've got a lovely smile,
I could spend a while with that smile.

And Alex has a boyfriend,
Oh well, I'm in hell.
I'll sing you a song,
Would you listen to a lover's song?

Would you hold my hand?
I'm as cold as the snow
If you said let's go,
I would follow.

Could we fall in love?
Well who cares about love.
Could we run away?

Anywhere, anyway, only you [x5]


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