Tony Montana
Lyrics Future

Featuring: Drake

F*ckin' cockroaches
Muthaf*ckin' freebandz.
Want me to be the bad guy
Wanna play, cartel n*gga

Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana
Check up out my ears
Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana
I'm 'bout to cop the Porsche
Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana
You leave me no choice, take em to
Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana

[Verse 1 - Future]
I take over the streets, fresh off the banana boat
I come straight from the east, where n*ggas split your cantaloupe
You tell me what you want of me I'm coming with a gang of dope
My cigar full of loud
I'm laced up to the f*cking fo'
A Porsche Carrera, Panamera, 911
I do the whole dash, dropping all cash
Gutta to the death of me I'm sticking to the recipe
Slug, deal with Colombians, I know Sosa
All I got is my balls and my word, f*ck the Roaches
Everything we do, we put Versace on the sofa's
The money got me heat, like I took a hit of coka
My life is a movie, I gotta stay focused


[Verse 2 - Drake]
On the hood you see the Stallion
Passenger a stallion
N*ggas getting nervous
I'm passing out the Valium
I suggest you pop it
But please don't get too sleepy
Used to have them b*tches twirkin'
Up in 400 West Peachtree
Bet ya those same hoes'll see me
Be like that's how you feeling
Used to stay up after 12
Now your worth like 12 million
Boy you did, boy you did it
You did the unexpected
I say f*ck the unexpected
I just did what I projected
I swear young women are lost these days
While older women dig me
F*cking women that knew Biggie so
We really ain't no biggie
It's just OVO and XO and freebandz of committee
And shout out to Toronto
B*tch I'm Tony in my city


[Verse 3 - Future]
Another shot of Quelo
She be comin' back to peso's
When ya blood is ya pedro, it's hard for hoes to let go
See AK's ain't no b*tch, n*gga I'll split yo tato
Ain't nothin' 'bout me ordinary, I come with the yayo
I move like I'm odd balls, it's gon' take an army
The world is mine n*gga you get it if you want it
You f*ckin' with me you'll move to Alaska by the mornin'
You want me to be the bad guy, OK it's on then
Champagne spillin', crabcakes everywhere
My white b*tch trippin she say aint playin' fair
I'm bout to cop a tiger and put it in the castle
Freebandz accompany it so n*gga it dont matter aye