Same Damn Time (Remix)
Lyrics Future

Featuring: Ludacris & P. Diddy

[Intro: Diddy]
See sometimes in life these motherf*ckers mistake your kind for weakness
So sometimes in life you got to blow their motherf*cking faces off

[Hook: Future]
I wear Gucci I wear Bally at the same damn time
On the phone cooking dope at the same damn time
Selling white selling mid at the same damn time
F*cking 2 bad b*tches at the same damn time
At the same damn time, at the same damn time
At the same damn time, at the same damn time
I'm at Pluto, I'm at Mars at the same damn time
On the sofa popping bottles at the same damn time

[Interlude: Diddy]
Ay yo, turn my mic up man
I don't even know why motherf*ckers is trying to touch this motherf*cker
N*ggas is pedigreeing
N*ggas you can't multitask n*gga! Y'all n*ggas can't multitask!
You know you can't do the remix without me
Don't nobody talk sh*t like me b*tch, check it out

[Verse 1: Diddy]
Boy your money and my money ain't the same damn kind
I can live your life and my life at the same damn time
See my riding out money that's yo "buy yo house" money
I got that "I can build a mall right by your house" money
(Hold up) Say you got that 550, you talking 'bout that Benz, n*gga?
Say I got that 550, I'm talking 'bout them M's, n*gga
All black Phantom, white seats
I killed them bring them white sheets
Say ooo I think she like me 'cause I cop Maybachs like white tees
I'm in Times, People, Fortune, Forbes same damn time
XXL, GQ, Vibe, Source same damn time
N*gga you don't live that sh*t that's in yo lame ass rhymes
Y'all done woke a sleeping giant, now the game back mine

[Hook: Future]

[Verse 2: Future]
I'm in Phipps with the set going crazy
Got some diamonds round my neck no fugazi
Bad b*tches in the suite, tryna to bait me
Just a young hood n*gga, streets raised me
Working with a unit, tryna stretch it to another one
Drinking on that Activis, then it tasting like some bubblegum
Thumbing through the check, boarding on a jet
Talking on the iPhone, sipping out the styrofoam
That dirty got my mind gone, that money got my mind blown
VVS and white stones, VVS and white stones
I'm rolling like a rolling stone
Freebandz on Al Capone, straight up
And my cash way long, turned up
I see a bunch of clones

[Hook: Future]

[Verse 3: Ludacris]
Luda is unstoppable his money is astronomical
Sell as many records as a n*gga like me that sh*t is just impossible
Rappers is delusional and now they talking more sh*t
Anything is liable to come out of the mouth of a desperate starving broke b*tch
Hell b*tch, you used to be good but now you garbage
Any n*gga that wanna step up to the plate and battle will get demolished
My flows is rubbing off like just like they finger nail polish
You rappers ain't got no swag you need to kill your f*cking stylist
They biting like piranhas, they crying to they momma
These n*ggas best to call they troops back like Obama
That trash that ya spitted didn't phase me
Matter fact ya record label still pays me
See Luda never starting sh*t, I'm always on my grind
But I'll respond to three rappers at the same damn time

[Hook: Future]