Wait 'Til The Morning
Lyrics Frightened Rabbit

Written by: Scott Hutchison, Grant Hutchison, Billy Kennedy, Andy Monaghan, Simon Liddell

Produced by: Aaron Dessner

On the ugly side of midnight without a script
The mask has slipped
And make-up runs in mirrors down the stair
It's the usual case of
The only point being proven
Is the one that was first made

Wait till the morning
The hours will turn you as you lay
Wait till the morning
When no one's listening anyway
No greater good will come of it
Just wait…

When eyes are bloodshot tired it's time to make
A swift escape and stop
Trying to change a shovel into a spade
It's all the same
But the evening lacks the foresight to concede
And no one sees
The names upon the leaderboard
Cause no one's in the lead

Wait till the morning
The hours will turn you as you sleep
Wait till the morning
Burn the fiendish effigy
Throw out the lofty arguments
There are no more ways to say these things
We are all designed to wax and wane
The light will come back on again
Just wait…


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