Feel Like Home
Lyrics Fort Minor

Featuring: Styles Of Beyond

[Chorus 2X - Mike Shinoda]
These days are dark and the nights are cold
People acting like they lost their soul
And everywhere I go I see another person like me
Trying to make it all feel like home

[Verse 1 - Mike Shinoda]
Standing on a bridge in the dark and I'm seeing my breath
Trying to make it home without freezing to death
And my Grandfather's face is stuck in my mind
And how seeing him tonight's gonna be the last time
I should've brought a jacket
Blowing in my hands like it's really gonna stop the chill
I buy a cup of coffee with a five dollar bill
Thinking laying in that box people look so still
At times like these you start thinking
Your first breath in and the clock starts ticking
I'm not trying to bum anyone out
Not trying to be dramatic, just thinking out loud
I'm just trying to make some sense in my mind
Some defense from the cold that I'm feeling outside
And for a minute, escape with some rhythm and rhyme
And get away from the grey just a bit at a time

[Verse 2 - Ryu]
Yeah, kind of funny how this world can treat you
Like a freak in a sideshow, a carnival creature
Climbing out of cans, I'm a diamond in the sand
But you can't tell the difference on a beach full of rhinestones
My life's like trying to swallow a pine cone
It's tough when you live fast just to die slow
Talk to dial tones, my dreams are far fetched
It seems, so I sleep underneath this park bench
I know it don't make sense, and I don't expect for you to know what it's like
Smoke, drink, piss, sniffing everything in my site, push rocks in the pipe
Lift off, I keep puffing 'til my lips turn white, and my chest gets tight
But who the f*ck really cares, when you're so far left that even death looks right
All I can do is hope for the best and pray
That it gets a little better than yesterday

[Chorus 2X - Mike Shinoda]

[Verse 3 - Takbir]
Yo, pardon me, I think I'm next to earl
Too many problems going on, that's why I left my girl
Pack my backs and I travel with a pen and my notepad
They said I was broke and things that I don't have
But still, I try to find a way to escape
From all the hate planted in my head which lead to mistakes
But now I'm breaking the mold, see I was patient and calm
Many sleep in the rain, but now I'm awake in the storm
Writing my life in the short film, the rise and the fall
How I managed to scorch hills and climb the wall
Pound pavement, aimless in this cold existence
Even the things that change and I'm going the distance
Overcoming the doubt that had control for so long
To put it all behind me cause life still goes on
Now I'm much stronger and know where I stand
One lost soul searched over and over again

[Mike Shinoda]
These days are dark and the nights are cold
People acting like they lost their soul
And everybody's trying not to cry
Tryin' to get by and trying not to feel outta control
And if you look hard enough, sometimes you'll find
A place that might just remind you of home
But if it doesn't feel like home, you can do what I do
Just pretend you don't feel so alone (so alone, so alone...)

Feel like home
Feel like home
Feel like home
Feel like home
Feel like home
Feel like home
Feel like home
Feel like home


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