A Man Is Not His Song
Lyrics Feist

Written by: Leslie Feist

Produced by: Renaud Letang, Feist, Mocky

A man is not his song
A song is a promise
If a man is just his song
Then the song is beyond us

How they, they make it up
And it sends in deep elation
Eventually it could let you down
By believing in standing ovation
Song won't lift up if made by revenge, so oh sweet
I will, will it
To add up to more than you or me

'Cause a man is not his song
And I'm not a story
But I wanna sing along
If he's singing it for me

That filament that flies by
And it brings yellow light from those yellow summers back
By coconut palm, snowy pine
I've heard years pass through my ears to hear otherwise
We all believe in old melodies
Carry tunes around like they carry me

A man is not his song
(Though we all wanna sing along)
We've all heard those old melodies
(Like they're singing right to me)

More than a melody's needed


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