Old Crow
Lyrics Eyes & No Eyes

Some old crow came back to the city,
All tall stories and road dust
His beak was chipped, his feathers ruffled,
His wings were holding up
Chimneys stretched out to the distance,
Rising like teeth up from every roof
And from them his friends called out,
"We're glad that you're back,
Now feed us and give up your news"

"The things I've seen boys,
You won't believe
Listen close now,
I bring reprieve"

Common sense is a lie,
The rivers run backwards
The sun it spins cartwheels
Across the sky
These words are alright
But their order is scrambled
And none of us notice
The warnings in time

"The things I've seen boys,
You won't believe
Step away now,
And give me peace"

In the night there grow fires
And misinformation
A barrage of questions
Greets the morning again
When the damage is cleared
And your order lies broken
The curious gather
To ask what it all meant

In the morning keep on trying
Hold a sob like a splinter deep
In the hands of a foolish liar
Panicking in the summer heat
Other birds have great desires,
Words to spare and scrapyard feasts
This old crow will just keep flying
Over all these dirty streets