Invitation To The Voyage
Lyrics Eugene McGuinness

Your muddy wedding dress
It's the ghost of Valentines Park
And the moon makes you an exclamation mark
When hung upside down
On the climbing frame
A handstand on the bandstand
And you're the right way round again

And we've forgotten who the hostage was
Helicopters scanning the rooftops

You're a bad influence on a good boy
I accepted the invitation to the voyage
Now forensics dust for prints in my room
They're reconstructing my final moments on BBC2
Tell me the stars are holes in the galaxy's ceiling
Where heaven shines through every evening
Don't know where exactly this path is leading me
If she's the distressed damsel
What does that make me then?

We've forgotten who the victim is
Helicopters blitz the eastern district
And it's a mess
More than your bloody muddy wedding dress

I'm afraid it's over
They've got us surrounded
And the negotiator
Wants the hostages out
Now in comes the tear gas
Quick, duck for cover
We have become one
We've become each other

La la la la la la la la...


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