Stay Schemin' Freestyle
Lyrics Emilio Rojas

I just heard that Pinky was burning, but she ain't never confirm it
But f*ck it, I never beat or beat off to that dirty Smurfette, sh*t
I ain't concerned with my paper, I always get more
They broke and live to get paid, what the f*ck do they live for?
Man, I was piss-poor, ain't sleep in a bed
Them bedbugs is on the floor that I would sleep on instead, right?
Now that's some real sh*t
Why would I conceal sh*t?
The sky the limit so where the hell is my ceiling, right?
I ain't bowing out gracefully, I be leaving thieving
Cause I'm a writer - you hate on me, I get Bieber beefing
Up on a pop song, a top 40 hit
Have a 12 year old girl singing, "You ain't sh*t"
I'm next, I can feel it
Been moving without a deal
Ain't no million-dollar investor to spend it, make it appealing
We built all we did from the ground up and wound up
Not looking for nothing, that sh*t done found us
But this what happen when the talent win
All these rappers are cashing checks
With the cats that they said they clashing with
There ain't no love lost when you was never passionate
What you dick-riders gon' do without an ass to kiss?
But f*cking with us is hazardous, I'm like Lazarus
Kill us and I got a couple guys to bring me back again
Homie, I am Saks on Fifth - you a sack of sh*t
I pulled so many v-cards that I could stack a deck
F*ck smashing, I had it with all them stripper hoes
Get some clothes, send me a picture in a winter coat
She said she got thick skin, but she was skinny though
On that Lindsay Lohan diet, baby was sniffing coke
I'm drunk off power and high on life
So ain't no matter what gon' happen, baby, I'm all right, sh*t
I'm about my actions, keep my mouth closed tight
Your girl know, and I can go all night