Pitch A Fit
Lyrics Eastern Conference Champions

I had a miscarriage when I was 18 years old
And I didn't know why
But if I knew then what I have learned I'd be like my kid
And never grow up

But I'd be like my dad, who scrapped and he saved
To land him a wife, who would leave him some day
For some other god, and he couldn't compete
So I'd be like my dad, and cry me to sleep

Or I'd be like my mom and wait for the day
For Jesus to come and we will all say his name
But I don't know why he never did
So I'd be like my mom, and wait for the end

Or I'd be like my dog and never give up
I'd die in my sleep, while chasing a fox
And I'd pitch me a fit, till I got what i want
So I'd be like my dog, until you gave me up


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