Lyrics Earl Sweatshirt

Featuring: Tyler The Creator

[Verse 1]
Welcome back to class, b*tch, grab on to your glasses
Odd Future leaving even n*ggas in past tense
Style is patent, the measures is drastic
Either that or they 4:4, some call them fantastic
She called me fantastic, I called her a fat b*tch
Still kill the pussy, put the cat in a casket
The funeral service was f*cking worthless, so I said a couple words at it
Didn't know her but I'm confirming that she sure gurgled dick
The Odd n*gga with a spoon in your danimals
As hungry as a cannibal, trapped in a van of cantaloupes
Harder than granite, hoes know I'm coming
With the grand force of Van Damme's fist in a damn cannon so
Fans catch us on Animal Planet, tracking hoes
And attacking faster than foes can change the channel, whoa
My d*ck hates sweaters so she jack it slow
The aftermath proves to be smoother than hairy lacks and oh

Wave high to the Ritalin regiment
Double S sh*t, swastikas on the Letterman, b*tch
Hungry wolves at the door, b*tch, let us in
Kill 'em all, O.F. is what I represent
Say hi to the Ritalin regiment
Double S sh*t, swastikas on the Letterman, b*tch
Hungry wolves at the door, b*tch, let us in
Kill 'em all, O.F. is what I represent

[Verse 2]
Took the van, went snatch her
Oh, you wanna snap this grass? Snap your f*cking jabba
Wocky, she's a dancer, walkie-talkie Ace for back up like fag
I got class and can't take this b*tch to math, what
Tell the f*cking teacher that this burlap sack is filled
With snacks for after class for the whole class, to snack up
Yeah, right, get over here faster
Cause Earl's a pro rapper but amateur kidnapper

Earl, goddammit, I'm still in my damn pajamas
Waiting on mom to bring me the Aspirin from a trampoline jump
And if I pick her up, I'm humping and I'm f*cking with no lubricant
I'm using spit, piss, vaseline or something, how old is she?
(Seventeen) This b*tch is underage
But I'll have her face off tied and Nicholas Cage
But anyway, give me cash fag, cause I'm low on gas
Aww f*ck it, 'bout to jack off, go catch a f*cking cab
No I'm not lying when I say that brother's all I have
But if you're not dying don't f*cking bother to call me back, I'm sleep


[Bridge 2x]
Kill people, burn sh*t, f*ck school
Odd Future here to steer you to what the f*ck's cool
F*ck rules, skate life, rape, write, repeat twice
Odd Future young enough to get your priest mouth drool

[Verse 3]
I don't give a f*ck, like a senior citizen
Sh*t and run back to the lab, need assistance from
Sister with the biggest bumbaclot girls
I'm around calves big cause they run a lot and scream, oh
Pay him some attention, he's smart and he's genius
He ain't touching me like Martin Sheen's penis
Y'all n*ggas ain't clean as my team is meanest
Hitting amputees in the knees, Jesus
Please, just peep the Crystal Method where
I take a f*cking beat, strip it naked then I wreck it
It's no question, Sweatshirt's O.F
And you can tell by the chiseled horns on my forehead b*tch
Hammerhat flyer then a bag of bats
And Jane's a f*cking acrobat, I'll flip her on a mattress
Last straw, f*ck that, I'm who broke the camel's back
Say you want that dope sh*t, welcome to Satan's cabbage patch, b*tch

Told you he can rap, dumb muthaf*cka