Someone Will
Lyrics Dawes

Written by: Taylor Goldsmith

Produced by: Jacquire King

Grab your cigarettes and follow me out of the living room
And I'll get drunk enough to tell you how I feel
About the men you love and how they all seem to get the best of you
'Cause if I don't say these things, you know someone will

If that look in your eyes as I slowly go through the evidence
Gives any insight into the void you can't get filled
Then your heart is bigger than any that I've come up against
And if nobody's loved you enough, I know now someone will

So I hope my voice can stay as clear as I need it to
But that my words take on the nature of a drill
To be set against the frozen sea inside of you
'Cause if I don't tell you I'm falling in love, someone will

Someone will and maybe someday you'll be listening
But I can be just as you need me up until
The guy you say you're looking for sounds like the kind of guy I wanna be
But if you just want someone to hold you tonight, well then someone will

It's a night like this in the quieter parts of Los Angeles
When you think you see the outline of the beast up in the hills
And you might be sitting beside the only person that you could face it with
But if you don't want me after tonight, someone will
I have to believe someone will


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