When I Fly
Lyrics David Poe

Written by: David Poe

Produced by: Emile Kelman

When I fly, when I fly
When I fly this world
Put a rose upon my grave
And forget about me girl

When I'm gone, when I'm gone
When I leave you behind
Drink the whiskey and the wine
And get on with your life

When I go, when I go
When my home is far above
Throw a stone into the sea
And go find another love

But I will watch, I will watch
I will watch you from on high
From the city in the sky
Every day and every night

And I will wait, I will wait
Outside the heaven's gate
Wait to sing and celebrate
At the hour you meet your fate

When you fly, when you fly,
When you lose your precious life
I will be there at your side
We will walk into the light


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