Tank Town
Lyrics David Childers

Written by: David Childers

Produced by: Robert Childers, Neal Harper

Drifting through the vineyards
Sleeping in the grass
Eating in the diners as
I watch the whole world pass

Goodness pours the bottle
Lights the day with joy
Rambling through the deep woods and
I'm sleeping in the sun

Where is my ambition?
Where is my dignity?
I dumped it at the truck stop and then I
Drifted down this way

Where is my endurance?
Where's my fighter's heart?
They took it at the border and then they
Gave me a brand new start

There was a time not so long ago
Happiness was mine
But gone for long still I linger on
Because I still have the wine

Sun sinks down inside the smoke
Stars begin to shine
Mars appears and now the moon
Has Venus by her side

O how green the night arises
Like an ocean tide
A stiff wind stirs the fire away and smoke get in
My eyes.

I'll drive the road from Tank Town
In a dream of you
And if the cops don't stop me first I will
Lie beside you soon.

Song facts

"I used to drink wine by an open window looking out on my wife's flower gardens, writing poetry. Daoist stuff. In the moment. I never looked at the notebooks until I quit drinking in 2011 and had time to do stuff like that. I found this poem almost completely finished. When we recorded this I was sitting on Neal Harper's back porch and you can hear the sounds of a Spring Day in it. I was just making sure I could remember it when he tracked it." - David Childers


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