Sodom And Gomorrah
Lyrics David Childers

Written by: David Childers

Produced by: Robert Childers, Neal Harper

On the road between Sodom and Gomorrah
I saw the signs writ in the clouds.
The voice of all Creation spoke a warning
To the powerful, the arrogant, the proud.
Your streets are filled with violence.
You hate for hatred's sake.
You gave your souls up long ago
To idols that you made.

The sky was red, the clouds were dark and threatening
As I moved on and far away.
I knew those towns would not see tomorrow
In that evil time and evil place.
And when we heard the thunder,
And felt the whole world shake,
We looked and saw the angry clouds
Forming in God's face.

On the road between Sodom and Gomorrah
There's nothing left but blackened land.
The dust still hangs, the smell of death surrounds it,
A lesson to us from God's mighty hand.
No bone, nor skull, nor piece of stone
Is left behind to see.
The debts of sin are settled
In such ruinous ways.

Song facts

"This sprung from an image I had of the skyline of Charlotte under red storm clouds. I fear that the sins we have inflicted upon each other and our planet are reaping death in reward. The debts of sin are settled in such ruinous ways. Andy The Doorbum lent his deep vocal and strange sense of arrangement to this. When I play this live I do it like a slow Louvin Brothers song. Their antique language was certainly an influence on the archaic wording." - David Childers


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