First Mile
Lyrics David Childers

Written by: David Childers, Robert Childers, Daniel J. Smith

Produced by: Robert Childers, Neal Harper

He stole a bottle from the party but he did not get away.
They brought him back inside and told him he could stay.
But he could not resist the urge for doing it once more.
This time they weren't so nice and they threw him out of doors.

Dumb, drunk kid on a dangerous road,
Heading for the ditch in the hard freezing cold.
They found him in the morning, his face was blue.
Dumb, drunk kid; he could've been me or you.

She did not think for long about what she would do.
She heard the call of battle and followed her own truth.
She went to fight and did her best but she got caught off guard.
It was just a wrong turn but that's the way of war.

Brave hearted kid on a dangerous road,
That took her far away but did not bring her home.
She got the 21 gun salute and the bugle blew.
Brave hearted girl, it could've been me or you.

A life of expectations and meeting others' needs
And there's no time to question and no time in between.
And distance calls a wanderer like a savage calls for blood.
And all that's left is a memory that can't be understood.

Young couple in the garden making their vows
Before the eyes of God and their families gather round.
The sun shines bright upon them and all the people smile
In their moment of glory, at the start of their first mile.

Good luck to you kids, may it turn out well;
May life not overwhelm you or put you through much hell.
Remember those behind you who did not get this far.
Now go and live a good life, take the bull by the horns.

Song facts

"I wrote this with Dan Smith who sings it and plays the hell out of the guitar. The first verse is how I was when I was 18 years old and a freshman in college. I spent the first semester mostly in an alcoholic stupor until one freezing November night I wound up in a ditch. 2 men brought me home. They saved my life. I started getting it together after that. The second verse is an appreciation of the great courage in those who choose to go to war; and the ultimate, sad futility of it. The third verse was inspired by Robert's wedding to Kristy Smith in 2010. Dan wrote the bridge and helped me tighten up some of the language, which is what a good co-writer does." - David Childers


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