No Love
Lyrics Darwin Deez

Whip smart with a pair of legs on tap
I wish I didn't have to think of that when I see you now

Your earrings swing as you look around the party in your blue dress
Looking your best for somebody that you don't speak to now

Are you sure you wanna shut down both these hearts?
'Cause "we can still be friends" is just another way to say restart

Don't you want to save the changes that you made?
'Cause your changes will be lost if you don't save, if you don't save

I can be cool too, cool like you
I can see you in italics or look at you strikethrough, watch me go

I can forget you like I never met you and be cold
Even though I had you outlined in bold, just so you know

Maintain course and speed you have everything you need when you breathe deep
Even though you have no love
The answers in the glance her new boyfriend sends
Right across the room to whom I presume to have no love to speak of

Well the way I feel will kill me if I let it and I just might
But I keep on walking down the street to the beat 'cause I'm alright, right?
Now boarding rows 'a' through 'h' if you wanna fly suicide
But flight 708 can wait while I'm looking for the bright side

Even healthy hearts have holes
Even healthy hearts have holes


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