Lyrics Darden Smith

Written by: Darden Smith, Bruce Robison

Produced by: Stewart Lerman, Darden Smith

Riding on a carousel
Watch the world go by
Thinking about you and me
Talking to the night
How we'd just go round and round and round
Nothing ever changed

I think about the plans we made
When I can't stop my mind
You know it hurts a little more
I know how hard we tried
Come a time the music stops, end of the ride
We step off of the carousel
Say good-bye

Maybe we were never meant to be a whole life long
Maybe just a star across the sky, here and gone

The leaves are gonna fall
I think I smell the rain
Lover's dreams they come and go
Still we try again
And the world goes round and round and round
Such a crazy game
But people love a carousel
And no one is to blame
The way we love a carousel
No one is to blame


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