Your Bride
Lyrics Danielle Rose

Here I am - I offer you my hand
The hour has arrived to celebrate our wedding feast
And I know this was the Father's plan
I was born to live for you were born to die for me

Walking down the aisle I long to come to thee
You are waiting there to marry me
Walking down the aisle I long to come receive
Your body blood soul and divinity

I am your bride
I am one with my Beloved Crucified
As you offer me your Body, I offer you my life
Now and always, I am your yours
I am your bride

As you lift the veil before my eyes,
You gaze into my soul and say, "Beloved, you are mine."
And I know you take me as I am,
Loving me with all my sin you take me by the hand

In my vows to you and yours to me
Our covenant declared eternally
Laying down our lives we consummate our love
I cleave to you and to the cross

This one is at last bone of my bones
United as one flesh, our love becomes a home
Where every child is welcome in our love's embrace
Their lives reveal their Father's face


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