You Matter
Lyrics Danielle Rose

When I thought of this world without you,
O heaven began to weep, and the oceans were born.
When I thought of my life without you,
O the darkness was deep, the earth without form.
Before the first day, I conceived you in my heart.
At the sound of your name, I spoke light into the dark.
The moment time began, the world was waiting
For your life to start...

Never before, never again.
The story of your soul, whose life will never end.
An image of God the worldʼs never seen.
You matter to all eternity.

When I thought of heaven without you,
My heart labored in love, and the Son of God was born.
We wanted to share our life with you.
Wrapped in the wings of a dove, soon the veil was torn.
I desired that not even one would be lost,
So I gave my Son as a gift on the cross,
Granting access to the tree of life once again,
So you might live forever in my covenant.

I gaze at your beauty, my creation complete.
Everything about you is so good to me.
I set you apart to be holy and blessed.
Your soul is the sabbath where Iʼve chosen to rest.

Song facts

On the irreplaceable, unrepeatable nature of each soul in the course of eternity A love song from Our Father and Creator
(Genesis 1:1-2:3, John 3:14-17)


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