With You In Heaven
Lyrics Danielle Rose

Look at those hands: the faith they've held onto,
The things they've let go, the tears that they've dried.
These hands held my Lord when He was crucified.
Mary's hands - they are now with you in heaven.

Look at those eyes: what beauty she's seen.
Gazing with love upon bended knee,
Gathering all her visions of wonder and sorrow.
Mary's eyes - they are now with you in heaven.

Lord, bless my hands, my heart, my breath,
Each step of my feet, each hair on my head.
You have built of me a temple out of mere flesh and bone.
You have given me a body for my soul's eternal home.

Look at that heart: pure like a child,
Pondering the mysteries held deep within.
Pierced by a sword, she bleeds not from hers but the world's sin.
Mary's heart - it is now with you in heaven.

Bless us, Lord; we'll soon be with you in heaven.
Bless me, Lord; I'll soon be with you in heaven.

Song facts

The 4th Glorious Mystery: The Assumption of Mary
Based on Revelation 11:19a and Psalm 45:10bc


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