True Love
Lyrics Danielle Rose

I am looking for the meaning of life
I am longing to give my own
Though the world tries to teach me the truth of love
My Jesus is truth alone

I am searching the night for a lover
Who will take me just as I am
I find on the cross my Love, crucified,
The one who will take my hand

I want my love to be beautiful
I want to be who you made me to be
A love given up for all
Only the cross reveals true love
The cross reveals true beauty

Now I can't find the words but I'm grateful
So I'll speak with the voice of my eyes
I am willing to lay down my very life
I do not fear sacrifice

Only you can show me what is pure and holy
Only you have known me
And shown me what is love

Song facts

Pope John Paul II says that youth long for a beautiful love. This longing is an invitation to discover the true love of Jesus. May this song prepare your heart to contemplate the life of Jesus with Mary in the twenty mysteries of the rosary.


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