The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand
Lyrics Danielle Rose

Now is the time, in the midst of your ordinary lives.
Repent and believe in the gospel of Christ.
Cast all your worries like stones in the sea:
Come, follow me!
I will make of you fishers of men.
Everything not of love you must leave.

The Kingdom of God is at hand - this is my Body.
The Kingdom of God is at hand - this is my Blood.
The Kingdom of God is at hand - the Body of Christ,
I believe, Amen.
Now the Kingdom is in your hands!

Nets made of kindness, many times mended
By knots of forgiveness, hearts that repented.
Put out into deep waters, entrust your labors to me.
I will heal every one of your ills,
Tearing fear with abundant mercy.

The people in darkness have seen a great light.
A land overshadowed by death comes alive.
The world through His Body is now reconciled.
Open your hands and cling like a child.

Song facts

The 3rd Luminous Mystery: Jesus proclaims the coming of the Kingdom and calls us to conversion
Based on Matthew 4:12-22, Mark 1:14-20, Luke 5:1-11
From the perspective of Jesus the preacher


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