Lyrics Danielle Rose

If I am the ocean, and you are the sky
Must I reach like waves to see you touch my life?
The waves I make upon myself are crashing down
In my struggle to reach you, I need not drown

The sun slips over the horizon, making you and I one
Dark becomes light with the coming of your Son
I look up to the sky and now I finally can see
What I'm reaching for already touches me

The sun rises above, my salty tears become dry
And all around me I see reflections of your light
The glittering of truth of your presence I can see
The Son takes upon himself all the pain that's in me

I need not see the air nor take the sun from the sky
Heaven melts into earth in the sunrise
Close my eyes, feel the sky within me as I breathe
Though the Son seems so far away, he shines on me

Touching this unsettled ocean of me
You are always there, oh endless sky
Your hand lifts the sun in silent beauty
The dawning of my faith within me


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