Sharing Calvary
Lyrics Danielle Rose

I am sharing Calvary
With you
Hanging on crosses beside me.
I suffered for you;
What will you choose do with your pain?

One of the thieves cried out:
"If you are God, then take me down
From this cross, from this suffering spare us!
Will you just stand by today,
Watching my life waste away?
If you came to set us free,
Why has God abandoned me?"

The other thief, he prayed:
"Jesus, I unite my pain with you now,
The only gift I can offer.
My suffering is a consequence,
But you, O Lord, are innocent.
Jesus please remember me
When you come into your kingdom."

"My child, youʼll be with me in paradise.
Here today, you will see the light.
When you cry, Iʼm here with you.
I make all things new.
Look at me through your tears,
And rainbows will appear."

As you share your cross with me,
Jesus, I believe this is how we are redeemed.
I see the beauty borne from our pain.

Song facts

On the meaning and value of redemptive suffering. "I beg you to make use of the cross that has become part of each one of you for salvation. I pray for you to have light and spiritual strength in your suffering, that you may not lose courage but may discover for yourselves the meaning of suffering and may be able to relieve others by prayer and sacrifice... Even pain and suffering have meaning and value when they are experienced in close connection with love given and received." - Blessed John Paul II
(Luke 9:23, 23:32-43; Colossians 1:24; 1 Peter 4:13)


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