Lyrics Danielle Rose

I couldnʼt see the future yet,
How many days until my death,
But you knew.
You knew the end of my story.
Youʼre the author of my life;
In your book was written each moment of time
Till the end of my story.
From my conception,
Till you took me home to heaven.

O the world is a womb
Where I was formed.
And groaning in labor pains
Through death I was reborn.
Thereʼs one life in Jesus
On earth and in heaven.
Death was only the beginning
Of life that will never end.

I could only take with me
The love Iʼd given and received.
You helped me to be ready.
Lord, Iʼm ready.
One day when my hour had come,
When God had seen my work on earth was done,
I joined the saints to rest in heaven.
Now Iʼm praying here for you.
I await the day youʼll join me too.

Death is only the beginning
Of life that will never end.

Song facts

On accepting Godʼs timing for death. A prayer from the perspective of the faithful departed.
(Psalm 139:16; Romans 8:18-25; John 11:25; Rev 8:3-4; Ecclesiastes 3:1-2)


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