One Day Love Came To Me
Lyrics Danielle Rose

One day love came to ask me if I would carry a song.
She said, "Do not be afraid - I will be your voice.
The time has come: the Lord has chosen you
To carry a song of truth within your womb."

So I closed my eyes
And gave myself away
To the Spirit who carried me on her wings
To receive your grace

Your will, not my own
I embrace the changes
I unravel your joy
Your will is my dream a thousand-fold
Your will, not my own

"The melody will grow within you - nurture it with your love.
But though it comes from within you, it is a gift from above.
Sing a song of love so the world may believe.
It has been planted within you because you were willing to receive."

I am humbled by the gift
I cannot do this alone
Why did you choose me?
This grace is not my own

The song is our child--hold her in your arms
The song is our child--let us do her no harm
Accept the gift of life and share it with others
To let the child inside be discovered


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