Make Love With God
Lyrics Danielle Rose

We welcome God into the sanctuary of our room.
Pressed up against your skin, this is where life begins.
I give you every part of me.
You receive the gift of my fertility.

Letʼs make love; letʼs make life.
Letʼs make love with God; letʼs make love,
And letʼs make life with God.

That we may be truly free, we are open to conceive.
We embrace responsibility.
And when we know itʼs best to wait, then weʼll choose to abstain.
We have learned how our bodies are made.
We will trust in Godʼs design,
And weʼll welcome the child He gives us in His time.

To create a new soul, our love made visible.
We renew our vows again on the altar of our bed.
This is true intimacy.
What a beautiful father and mother we will be.

Song facts

On being open to life. Embracing Godʼs plan for the marital union.
A prayer for the end of contraception.
(Genesis 1:27-28; Ps 127:3-5; Malachi 2:14-15; Tobit 8:7; Hebrews 13:4; Genesis 38:8-10; Luke 23:28-29; )


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