Let Me Be Your Bethlehem
Lyrics Danielle Rose

Is there no room in this world for you?
Oh, let me be your Bethlehem
It's cold outside, see, I've opened up my door
Let my life be your Bethlehem
Unto my life may you be born

Is there no place for you to lay your head?
Oh, let me be your manger.
Rest in me and I will rest in you
Rest in me, oh child my Savior
Rest in me, Lord my Savior

Born in a stable with the angels close at hand
Strength became weakness that we might understand
A God who is hungry, a king without a throne
Emmanuel, a child is born

Is there no one who will hold you, Lord?
Oh, let me be your mother
Heaven cannot hold your glory, Lord
Yet I hold you in my arms!


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