Just One Life
Lyrics Danielle Rose

She gave him a child but he said, "I donʼt want you no more."
He gave her a ride, left her right outside the clinic door.
"Baby, itʼll be over so soon; this is the best thing for you.
You donʼt need one more problem, so let this one die."

Itʼs just one life.
Just one life.
Just one life.

He stands on the bridge looking down as the world passes by.
Nobody sees the great river of tears that he cries.
Desperate to end all this pain; donʼt want to feel it again.
Will anyone care if he lives or he dies?

Just one life.
Just one life.
Just one life.

O and Mary said yes to one life that God gave.
Through this one life then the whole world was saved.
Entrusted with faith, she was able to see
The worth of the life she received.
Truly God has a purpose and plan for each soul,
With hope for the future, for welfare, not woe.
The world didnʼt know Him; they couldnʼt conceive
How God in the womb became a human being.

O the gift of just one life.
Maryʼs yes to just one life.
We were saved by just one life.
Will you receive just one life?
The world could be changed through just your life.
Just your life.

Song facts

A reflection on the dignity of the human person, and the value of one life.
(Jeremiah 29:11; Luke 1:26-38)


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