Glorious Wounds
Lyrics Danielle Rose

He conquered death when He rose from the grave,
But why do His wounds from the cross still remain?
The king of glory, His scars tell the story of where He has been.
He passed through the doors that were locked within me,
Granting forgiveness and offering peace.
Others had told me; I doubted their story, but now I believe.

Love made His wounds glorious, made His wounds glorious.
I see the nail marks; I put my hands into His side.
Through His wounds made glorious, His mercy pours out to us.
Heʼs not ashamed; His wounds still remain to testify.

My Lord and my God,
He showed me that when He was pierced deep within,
His heart remained open to love and forgiveness.
The holes became holy, the scars sang of mercy
So that we might live.
If God can bring good out of evil and sin,
Heʼll use our wounds if theyʼre given to Him,
Transforming our story from glory to glory as love enters in.

Come make my wounds glorious, make my wounds glorious.
Jesus come into the scars of my sin and fill them with light.
Through my wounds made glorious, you lead me to holiness.
Iʼm not ashamed; my wounds still remain to testify.

The greater the sin, the brighter the light.
When love enters in, His mercy will shine.
Will you let Him come in?
Will you let His love come in?

Heʼll make your wounds glorious, make your wounds glorious.
There is no sin that Christ wonʼt forgive; thatʼs why He died.
Heʼll use your brokenness to lead you to holiness.
Donʼt be ashamed; your wounds still remain to testify.

He made our wounds glorious, made our wounds glorious.
The broken Body of Christ, we offer our lives to heal the whole world.
Through our wounds made glorious, His mercy pours out through us.
When we are raised, our wounds still remain to testify
How Jesus came into our pain and changed our lives.
His wounds healed our lives.

For the sake of His sorrowful passion,
Have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Song facts

Through receiving the Divine Mercy of the Risen Christ, even the wounds inflicted by sin in the culture of death can become vessels of grace to build a culture of life.
(John 20:19-29; Romans 8:28; Revelation 12:10-11; Isaiah 53:5, & Traditional Chaplet of Divine Mercy)


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